Banknotes Become Carrier For Casino Advertising

Worlds’ first augmented reality casino advertising campaign using banknotes!

Moscow/Monte Carlo

35 years after the world watched Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing out of nowhere as ‘The Terminator’, people can now marvel at a  new phenomena within the 10 Euro banknote. Say again, in a banknote?

The Australian based company Oxenaar has joined forces with  Belgian based Blitz Casino to create the first augmented reality casino advertising campaign on banknotes. A couple of months ago, the Russian printing facility Goznak augmented the 2000 Roebel note for security purposes. Now, Oxenaar has added another feature which incredibly turns banknotes into carriers of advertising.

The idea was born after a visit to the world’s best known casino in Monte-Carlo. Oxenaar team members Drik Hartkamp and Christian David Petermann were having a drink at the legendary bar ‘Le Pirate’. Petermann is a banknote designer of the 0 Euro souvenir euro banknotes which are sold at tourist landmarks and museums. Together with the Moscow based AR developer Evgenii Spiridonov, Hartkamp and Petermann were already experimenting with AR on 0 Euro banknotes, creating added value by presenting a geocaching Da Vinci code adventure. Or as Hartkamp calls it,  

Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to the chocolate factory”

Belgian based Blitz Casino in Antwerp was approached by Oxenaar to create an experiment which eventually became the Blitz AR app. Blitz Marketing Director Henk Wolff said “Innovating and seeking new ways to reach prospective and regular clients is our foremost challenge. When Oxenaar had the idea of using regular currency for casino advertising we were sold on the spot. Augmenting the 10 euro marks the first in many other upcoming plans and mind-blowing features” Petermann looks with enthusiasm to the results of the Russian development team. “Our company name bears the name of the renowned Dutch professor and banknote  designer Robert Deodant ‘Ootje’ Oxenaar. He was known for hiding secrets into his banknote creations. Sometimes the most interesting things are hidden within”

Dirk Hartkamp said “Everyone has a banknote in his or her pocket. Turning it into an advertising carrier brings a whole new perspective to marketing and promotion. The Russians used it for security purposes, we’ve now added a remarkable commercial touch” Evgenii Spiridonov, head of Oxenaar AR said “40 years after the world saw the birth of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’, we are now augmenting the 10 Dollar banknote creating not another Russian Revolution, but a Casino Revolution!”

The Blitz app is available on GooglePlay and the Apple APP Store.